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Town of Nogaro


Visit the Nogaro city and its environment. Hills and unique landscapes in a preserved place. Discover the "courses landaises" in the arena of the city, the Romance church and take a walk to you in historical streets. 

Ecomuseum de Toujouse

Discover nature and gastronomy in another way in the open gascon museum of Toujouse. A big farm with a lot of activities for all your family will receive you to discover the marvels of nature by respecting our planet!

The d'Artagnan Center in Lupiac

Installed in the chapel of Notre-Dame of the 14th century, this museum offers an audio musical course guided to learn and understand the life of the famous gascon musketer, made famous by Alexander Dumas. Visit allows to discover the historical context of this period.

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 Bio et bien être




The specialist of the trips in groups all over France !

Discover the region in another way and play special activities in partnership with your hotel Solenca.



Race of Nogaro

The circuit Paul Armagnac de Nogaro, located at 500 metres of the hotel, receives important events in the world of sports running: car, motorbike, go-karting, truck and even formula one! Circuit also offers introduction and practice of piloting.

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Armagnac Duffau - Domaine de Juglaron en Gascogne

ARMAGNAC DUFFAU, Domaine de Juglaron - 32800 Eauze - Gers - Tél. - Fax :


Quad concept is a private natural space entirely devoted to motorized sports. Discover during your training period of piloting give it the 4X4 and of Quad for feelings always stronger!
Airfield of Bas Armagnac
Discover the region from the sky or initiate you to the practice of piloting in the airfield of Nogaro!




Montréal Cocoon
Massage at home and in company
Massage at home and in company
 Le conseil de la société

The decorator of the hotel












 Proposition de location de salle privative pour vos événements



 Annuaire des Hôtels de France
Restaurant du Sud-Ouest
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Thomas Dufau




How a meeting between a Spanish bullfighter toros and a boy of five years can be a vocation in the latter.
Discover the journey of Thomas DUFAU since the decisive match for his choice of life, from childhood to his triumph in the corrida de la Madeleine 2013 Mont de Marsan.


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The singer Michel Etcheverry

The gold voice of the Pays Basque continues  delighting generations of fans, his natal Pays Basque in Paris by way of Mexico City.

Find him on his website and punctually in our restaurant for exceptionnal recitals !

 Country Festival of Mirande

The biggest festival of Country in France. More than 80 concerts on 6 days. Music, dance and western ambience guarantee for all your family!

Jazz Festival of Marciac


A huge tent raised on the ground of sports, party in streets all night long, thousands of visitors united in the celebration of a music: it is JAZZ in MARCIAC, a festival not as the others, whose reputation crossed borders!

Tempo Latino Festival

The reference festival of latin music. Tempo it's a history of rhythm of afro-Cuban musical origins in the salsa and international latin musics. A trip which will bring you closer to Latinos of to Caribbean, from New York, to Spain and from all Latin Europe.

Bandas Festival of Condom

At the occasion of numerous ferias of the region come to relax and have fun thanks a various and audacious musical program!

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