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Our Starters :

-Gersoise salad : Green salad, candied gizzards, dried duck breast, duck foie gras (30g), green beans, corn, tomatoes 22.00 €
-Homemade smoked with beech wood salmon carpaccio,Black radish salad, Pomegranate french dressing 21.50 €
-Autumn salad with fresh organic goat dung from the Touja farm with Italian mixture, Apple fruit, Spinach leaves, Endives, Tomatoes, Beets, Nuts 16.90 €
-Vegetable cookies: Silky tofu, Seasonal vegetables € 11.90
-Duck foie gras (70g) half-cooked with sweet wine: Jam of the moment, warm brioche 23.00 €
-Duo of Pomarine and Pumpkin soup, Roast bacon, Chestnuts, Mushroom toast and emulsion 15.90 €
-Pan-fried scallops, smoked belly, pumpkin soup, roasted hazelnuts 28.90 €
Flavors of the Sea:

-Roasted organic salmon steak with black sesame: Fine pumpkin puree with orange 25.50 €
-Roasted sea bass fillet, baby spinach sautéed in a wok, Chimichurri sauce € 26.90
-Flambé Hake matelote with Côtes de Gascogne wine, variation of leeks, beets, parsnips 17.90 €

The Gascon Palate Cleanser:

Ⓘ The Gascon palate cleanser is a gastronomic custom which consists of drinking a small glass of Armagnac with prune ice cream between two courses. It should facilitate digestion and restore the appetite of the guests.
-Gascon palate cleanser, prune and armagnac ice cream, white armagnac 5.90€

Our meats :

-Half-roasted duck breast in a stewpan, creamy Foie Gras sauce from Gers, ancient autumn vegetables € 24.90
-Grilled Beef Tenderloin (180g) at your convenience, House fries, Chimichurri sauce, Green Salad € 28.00
-Braised black pork shoulder from Pierre Matayron, candied shallots, chanterelles and autumn vegetables € 25.90
-Omelet with porcini mushrooms, Green Salad € 17.90
-Gascon Burger: Chopped Beef Steak, Dried duck Breast, Cheese, Tomatoes, Homemade Fries, Green Salad 19.50 €
-Roasted guinea fowl fillet in a herb crust, candied autumn vegetables in a casserole dish, carrots deglazed with Gers sunflower honey, grape juice € 18.90
-Duck leg candied with garlic and fine herbs, pan-fried autumn vegetables € 19.90

Selection of Cheeses:
- Plate of two cheeses 6.50 €
- Pyrenean sheep cheese, Black cherry jam, Green Salad 8.90 €

Our desserts :
-Chocolate cake, caramelized pears, red fruit sauces 8.90 €
-Vegan praline pear tartlet, € 8.90
-Gers pie,Prune and Armagnac ice cream 8.90 €
-Chocolate pleasure with Hazelnuts, feuillantine with gianduja 8.90 €
-Citrus baba, Black tea and Tonka bean, sour light cream € 7.90
-Café Gourmand, Mini portion of creme brulee, Bordeaux cannele, chocolate and almond cookie, vanilla ice cream € 9.90
-Salad of seasonal fruits 6.90 €
-Crème brulée vanilla with scents of liqueur from 8.90 €
seasonal 16.90 €
-Omelet with porcini mushrooms, Green Salad € 15.90

The "Homemade" dishes are prepared on site from raw, fresh, local products.

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