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Discover the menu of the restaurant Solenca in Nogaro, Gers

- Vegetarian Salad (Green Salad, Beetroot, Tomatoes, Chicory, Corn, Green Beans, Asparagus 9.90 €
- Duck Gizzard Salad with Walnuts 13.90 €
- "Gersoise" Salad (Green Salad, Dried Duck Breast Filet, Country Ham, Asparagus, Walnuts, Foie Gras) 23.90 €
- Organic Lentil Cream Soup, Lard, Poppy Puff Pastry 11.90 €
- Semi-cooked with Wine Foie Gras Terrine, Sweet Bun, Homemade Jam 23.90 €
-The Butcher's Salad (Beef, Granny Smith Apple, Mustard and Gers Grape Must Dressing  11.90 €
- Sweetbread Pie with Ceps, Jerusalem Artichokes Confit, Veal Stock Dressing 23.90 € 

- Oven-Roasted Fish of the Day, Boulgour Risotto and its Seasonal Vegetables, Curry and Clementine Coulis 15.50 €
- Sea Bass Filet cooked with Olive Oil, Vegetables of the season 22.00 €

- Omelette with Ceps, Salad 16.50 €
- Rib Eye Steak 200g, Cep Sauce 18.50 €
- Duck Leg Confit with Herbs, Cep Sauce 19.90 €
- Grilled Beef Filet 180g, Vegetables of the season, Gravy  27.00 €
- Roasted Half of Duck Breast, Foie Gras Sauce 22.00 €
- Veal and Poultry Cabbage Wrap, Parsnip and Butternut Crumble, Reduced Soy Juice 15.90 €
- Local Boar, Roasted Nashi with Lard and Gers Safran, Voatsiperifery Pepper and Black Cherry Sauce 21.90 €
- Hamburger Gascon, Minced Beef, Dried Duck Breast, Cheese, Tomatoes, New Potatoes, Salad 18.50 €

- Pyrenees Sheep's Cheese and Black Cherry Jam 8.50€
- Cow's Milk Farmhouse Cheese 9.90€
- Cheese Plate of the Day (Two Cheeses) 5.90€
- Pyrenees Farmhouse cheeses (sheep's milk Cheese and Cow's milk Cheese) 10.90€

- Café Gourmand (Coffee with bite-size desserts) 8.50 €
- Light Chocolate Soufflé, Shot of Local Armagnac 8.90 €
- Dark Chocolate Fondant, Sheep’s Milk and Black Cherry Ice Cream 9.90 €
- Bordeaux Cannelé with Rhum, Candied Pecan Nut Ice Cream 7.90 €
- Pineapple Carpaccio, Coconut Milk Whipped Cream, Lime Meringue, Vanille Ice Cream 6.90 €
- Croustade Gersoise (Local Pie with Armagnac Apples), Armagnac and Prune Ice Cream 9.90 €

"Homemade" dishes are prepared on site from raw products
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124 Avenue Daniate
32110 Nogaro
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